My experience as co-chair of ICSE-SEIP 2015

My experience as co-chair of ICSE-SEIP 2015

What a memorable experience! Co-chairing the SEIP track at ICSE 2015 was an undeserved honor, for which my big thank you goes to Antonia Bertolino. Working with Tom Zimmerman was such a pleasure and a great learning experience for me. Finally, the privilege of introducing a memorable keynote by Grady Booch is just priceless. Yes, being the Mr. Nobody who introduces such a Superstar, I was extremely nervous. I guess I will keep the pictures for my grand-children :-)

TIP: you may want to fast-forward the video to minute 6’00”

Antonino Sabetta
Senior Researcher

I am curious about software engineering, machine learning, software security, and open-source software.

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