I am a Senior Researcher in the Security Research team of SAP and I'm based in Sophia-Antipolis, France; I have been at SAP since 2010. During the previous four years, I was a post-doc fellow and then a full-time researcher at the National Research Council (CNR) (Pisa, Italy), and in 2005 and 2006, during my PhD,I spent several months as a visiting researcher at Carleton University, Ottawa.

I did my studies at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" (Italy), from which I received both my PhD (2007) and my Master's degree (2003) in Computer Science and Engineering.

You may find additional information about me on LinkedIn public page and my Google Scholar profile.

My current interests are primarily in software security with an emphasis on ways to ensure a secure consumption of open-source software in large enterprise applications [ICSME 2015] and [ICSME2018 a]) and the use of machine-learning to address this challenge [ICSME 2018 b].

You can check out my other papers and patents publications and patents on Google Scholar or follow my ResearchGate profile.



septempber 2018

august 2018

  • The paper Vulnerable Open Source Dependencies: Counting Those That Matter that I co-authored with Ivan Pashchenko, Serena E. Ponta, Henrik Plate, and Fabio Massacci was accepted in the industry track of ESEM 2018! Preprint available.

july 2018

june 2018

  • The paper Beyond Metadata: Code-centric and Usage-based Analysis of Known Vulnerabilities in Open-source Software that I co-authored with my colleagues Serena E. Ponta and Henrik Plate was accepted in the main track of ICSME 2018! Preprint available.

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If you are a student pursuing a Master degree or a Doctorate and you are interested in doing research with me, please write to me at antonino DOT sabetta AT sap DOT com.